Propel Montour: Afterschool Radio Broadcasting Club

Julianne, Latasia and Jasmine are students in the 4th and 5th grade at Propel Montour. Together, the three girls make up Propel Montour’s Afterschool Radio Broadcasting Club. Through a series of conversations, the girls have shared and recorded their thoughts and  feelings about the Spring time, music, friendship, plans for the summer and much, much more.

The club will be culminating with an original project in which the club interviews their teachers and peers about the importance of Afterschool programs.

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Download Audio FileJasmine – How People Describe Me [audio:]

Download Audio FileJasmine – Mother’s Day [audio:]

Download Audio FileJasmine – Music [audio:]

Download Audio FileJasmine – Summer [audio:]

Download Audio FileJasmine interviews Julianne, on Animals [audio:]

Download Audio FileJasmine interviews Latasia, on Careers [audio:]

Download Audio FileJulianne – How People Describe Me [audio:]

Download Audio FileJulianne – Mother’s Day [audio:]

Download Audio FileJulianne – Music [audio:]


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Download Audio FileJulianne – Spring [audio: 4-12_Julianne_Springtimeedit.mp3]

Download Audio FileJulianne – Summer [audio:]

Download Audio FileJulianne interviews Latasia, on Animals [audio:]

Download Audio FileLatasia – How People Describe Me [audio:]

Download Audio FileLatasia – Mother’s Day [audio: ]

Download Audio FileLatasia – Music [audio:]

Download Audio FileLatasia – Summer [audio:]

Download Audio FileLatasia interviews Jasmine, on Animals [audio:]

Download Audio FileLatasia interviews Julianne, on Careers [audio:]


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