Propel Montour – 7th and 8th Grade – Documentaries and Plays for Radio

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As part of a 12-week Creative Arts program focused on the power of the human voice, Propel Montour 7th and 8th graders researched, wrote, produced and edited short radio documentaries and plays.  They learned about  conducting interviews, conforming to a process, working in groups and meeting production deadlines.

This project was designed to teach students the technology used in making radio pieces, including editing, while learning about the power of clear writing and speaking as a means of conveying information to others.


Download Audio FileFitness and Health – Felicia, Kaylah, Deanna and Tyrai [audio: & 8th/01_Fitness-and-Health.mp3]

Download Audio FileHow Bullying Affects People – Victoria, Samantha, Beth-Ann, Katie and Rachel [audio: & 8th/02_How-Bullying-Affects-People.mp3]

Download Audio FileLack of Lockers – Jacob, Chandler, Ernie and Palmer [audio: & 8th/03_Lack-of-Lockers.mp3]

Download Audio FilePS3 vs Xbox – Alex, Chris, Jonathan, Jullian and Taemon [audio: & 8th/04_PS3-vs-XBox.mp3]

Download Audio FileThe Strange Wolf – Brandon, David, Delia, Joey, Nick and Willy [audio: & 8th/05_The-Strange-Wolf.mp3]

Download Audio FileTransitioning from 8th Grade to 9th – Eboni, Lizzie and DeQuay [audio: & 8th/06_Transitioning-from-8th-Grade-to-9th.mp3]

Download Audio FileTruth, Lies and Stereotypes? – Chris, Jazlynn, Zachary, Orlando and Linus [audio: & 8th/07_Truth-Lies-and-Stereotypes.mp3]

Download Audio FileWorld Hunger – Carly, Kathleen, Keychelle and Mya [audio: & 8th/08_World Hunger.mp3]


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