Propel Homestead – 4th Grade – It’s Cool to Care!


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As part of a 6-week Creative Arts program focused on radio broadcasting, Propel Homestead fourth graders identified social issues that concerned them. They then researched, wrote and recorded these public service announcements to promote organizations working to address these issues.

This project was designed to expose students to people making a difference, career opportunities focused on helping people, and the power of clear writing and speaking as a means of conveying information to others. What follows are a few examples of these announcements.   They are also scheduled for distribution via The Saturday Light Brigade radio program.


Public Service Announcements

Download Audio FileAnimal Rescue League – By Velton K., Brianna R., Alex L., and Zach M. [audio: Homestead/4th Grade/1AlexBriannaVeltonandZachfinal.mp3]

Download Audio FileBullying Prevention Institute – By Tiara T., Macaiah T. and Brionna W. [audio: Homestead/4th Grade/2TiaraMacaiahandBrionnafinal.mp3]

Download Audio FileCenter for Schools and Communities – By Ana’Leaise G., Zyair W., Jaylen D. and Khiry B. [audio: Homestead/4th Grade/3Ana’LeaiseZyairJaylenandKhiry_final.mp3]

Download Audio FileHearts & Minds – By Jaishon H., DoRon D., Ricky J. and Andre R. [audio: Homestead/4th Grade/5JaishonDoRonRickyandAndrefinal.mp3]

Download Audio FileHomeless Children’s Education Fund – Divine B., Raiona T., Armani B. and Taylor W. [audio: Homestead/4th Grade/6DivineRaionaArmaniTaylor-HCEF_final.mp3]

Download Audio FileHomeless Children’s Education Fund – By Jamarr G., Daniel W. and Tyler J. [audio: Homestead/4th Grade/7JamarrDanielTyler-HCEF_final.mp3]

Download Audio FileThe Mario Lemieux Foundation – By Terrell M., Shawnray B. and Seth R. [audio: Homestead/4th Grade/8ShawnrayTerrellandSeth_final.mp3]

Download Audio FileNational Center for Missing and Exploited Children – By Indarah M., Niya M., Jamal W. and Jasmine W. [audio: Homestead/4th Grade/9IndyNiyaJamalandJasmine_final.mp3]

Download Audio FileWestern Pennsylvania Humane Society – By Tajea S., D’Andre F., Mya E and Aariah W. [audio: Homestead/4th Grade/10D’AndreMyaTajeaAariah-WPAHS_final.mp3]

Download Audio FileWomen’s Center & Shelter of Greater Pittsburgh – By Elgin O., Za’Khai R. and Jaumair G. [audio: Homestead/4th Grade/11JaumairElginZaKhai-WCSPgh_final.mp3]

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