Propel East – First Grade – My Life Stories

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In Spring 2013 and as part of a 6-week Creative Arts program, Propel East first graders learned about and utilized the technology used to make audio recordings for radio, while practicing their ability to express themselves.  Students wrote and illustrated books about their lives containing pages about their friends and family, goals for growing up, places they’ve been and even a description of their superhero-selves.   These stories are also scheduled for distribution via The Saturday Light Brigade radio program.


“My Life” – Stories from First Grade

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Download Audio FileAaliyah [audio: east/1st grade/Aaliyah_My-Life.mp3]

Download Audio FileAlexis [audio: east/1st grade/Alexis_My-Life.mp3]

Download Audio FileAndre [audio: east/1st grade/Andre_My-Life.mp3]

Download Audio FileAniyah [audio: east/1st grade/Aniya_My-Life.mp3]

Download Audio FileAntonio [audio: east/1st grade/Antonio_My-Life.mp3]

Download Audio FileAsia [audio: east/1st grade/Asia_My-Life.mp3]

Download Audio FileAva A. [audio: east/1st grade/Ava-A_My-Life.mp3]

Download Audio FileBrayden [audio: east/1st grade/Brayden_My-Life.mp3]

Download Audio FileBrooklyn [audio: east/1st grade/Brooklyn_My-Life.mp3]

Download Audio FileCaleb [audio: east/1st grade/Caleb_My-Life.mp3]

Download Audio FileCameron [audio: east/1st grade/Cameron_My-Life.mp3]

Download Audio FileDalonna [audio: east/1st grade/Dalonna_My-Life.mp3]


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Download Audio FileDaniel [audio: east/1st grade/Daniel_My-Life.mp3]

Download Audio FileDe Aja [audio: east/1st grade/DeAja_My-Life.mp3]

Download Audio FileDevin [audio: east/1st grade/Devin_My-Life.mp3]

Download Audio FileEmily [audio: east/1st grade/Emily_My-Life.mp3]

Download Audio FileEthan [audio: east/1st grade/Ethan_My-Life.mp3]

Download Audio FileGrace [audio: east/1st grade/Grace_My-Life.mp3]

Download Audio FileGracie [audio: east/1st grade/Gracie_My-Life.mp3]

Download Audio FileJade [audio: east/1st grade/Jade_My-Life.mp3]

Download Audio FileJazlynn [audio: east/1st grade/Jazlynn_My-Life.mp3]

Download Audio FileJuliana [audio: east/1st grade/Juliana_My-Life.mp3]

Download Audio FileKaden [audio: east/1st grade/Kaden_My-Life.mp3]

Download Audio FileKato [audio: east/1st grade/Kato_My-Life.mp3]


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Download Audio FileKrystal [audio: east/1st grade/Krystal_My-Life.mp3]

Download Audio FileKyle [audio: east/1st grade/Kyle_My-Life.mp3]

Download Audio FileKylee [audio: east/1st grade/Kylee_My-Life.mp3]

Download Audio FileLandon [audio: east/1st grade/Landon_My-Life.mp3]

Download Audio FileLena [audio: east/1st grade/Lena_My-Life.mp3]

Download Audio FileMiguel [audio: east/1st grade/Miguel_My-Life.mp3]

Download Audio FileSabriah [audio: east/1st grade/Sabriah_My-Life.mp3]

Download Audio FileSalena [audio: east/1st grade/Salena_My-Life.mp3]

Download Audio FileSavanah [audio: east/1st grade/Savannah_My-Life.mp3]

Download Audio FileSawyer [audio: east/1st grade/Sawyer_My-Life.mp3]

Download Audio FileShimar [audio: east/1st grade/Shimar_My-Life.mp3]

Download Audio FileStephen [audio: east/1st grade/Stephen_My-Life.mp3]

Download Audio FileSydney [audio: east/1st grade/Sydney_My-Life.mp3]


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