Propel East – 7th and 8th Grade – Technology Labs

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In Spring 2013, as part of a 12-week Creative Arts program focused on technology, Propel East 7th and 8th graders participated in several hands-on labs designed to teach the basic construction and physics that allow audio-based devices (such as microphones and speakers) to function. Over the course of 6 weeks, students learned how to build a functioning microphone using household materials, as well as how to “circuit bend” – the process of rewiring the circuit board inside an audio electronics device (such as a keyboard) to elicit modified sound.

Students also spent time recording audio observations as they progressed, including their feelings about how technology affects their lives and our society. Below are some examples of their recordings:

Technology Talk

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Download Audio FileChase [audio: east/7th and 8th grade/Technology/Chase.mp3]

Download Audio FileJehrae [audio: east/7th and 8th grade/Technology/Jehrae.mp3]

Download Audio FileJordyn [audio: east/7th and 8th grade/Technology/Jordyn.mp3]

Download Audio FileJustin [audio: east/7th and 8th grade/Technology/Justin.mp3]

Download Audio FileKennedy [audio: east/7th and 8th grade/Technology/Kennedy.mp3]

Download Audio FileKiera [audio: east/7th and 8th grade/Technology/Kiera.mp3]

Download Audio FileLeanna [audio: east/7th and 8th grade/Technology/Leanna.mp3]

Download Audio FileLucas [audio: east/7th and 8th grade/Technology/Lucas.mp3]

Download Audio FileMaddie [audio: east/7th and 8th grade/Technology/Maddie.mp3]


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Download Audio FileMicah [audio: east/7th and 8th grade/Technology/Micah.mp3]

Download Audio FileMichael [audio: east/7th and 8th grade/Technology/Michael.mp3]

Download Audio FileMichale [audio: east/7th and 8th grade/Technology/Michale.mp3]

Download Audio FileRickey [audio: east/7th and 8th grade/Technology/Rickey.mp3]

Download Audio FileRobert [audio: east/7th and 8th grade/Technology/Robert.mp3]

Download Audio FileShayne [audio: east/7th and 8th grade/Technology/Shayne.mp3]

Download Audio FileTorron [audio: east/7th and 8th grade/Technology/Torron.mp3]

Download Audio FileWilliam [audio: east/7th and 8th grade/Technology/William.mp3]




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Microphone Building Reflections

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Download Audio FileJacob [audio: east/7th and 8th grade/Microphones/7-8_Jacob.mp3]

Download Audio FileJehrea [audio: east/7th and 8th grade/Microphones/7-8_Jehrea.mp3]

Download Audio FileLeanna [audio: east/7th and 8th grade/Microphones/7-8_Leanna.mp3]


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Download Audio FileMicah [audio: east/7th and 8th grade/Microphones/7-8_Micah.mp3]

Download Audio FilePaul [audio: east/7th and 8th grade/Microphones/7-8_Paul.mp3]

Download Audio FileRyan [audio: east/7th and 8th grade/Microphones/7-8_Ryan.mp3]




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