Propel East – 6th Grade – Microphone Building and Technology

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In Spring 2013, as part of a 6-week Creative Arts program focused on radio broadcasting and audio technology, Propel East 6th graders learned how to use professional recording equipment and discovered the mechanics and physics behind audio-based devices, such as microphones and speakers.  Among other topics, students wrote and recorded observations about the effects technology has on their daily lives and our society.  

Students also learned about the basic construction and physics that allow microphones to work. Through hands-on labs, students used household materials and built microphones from scratch, which were then successfully tested and amplified through a mixer and speaker.
This project was designed to expose students to the effects that technology has on our lives, and to educate students about the functionality of some devices they utilize every day.  Below are examples of their recordings.
Download Audio FileMontage [audio: east/6th Grade/6th_grade_Mics_and_tech_mixdown.mp3]
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