Propel East – 4th Grade – It’s Cool to Care

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As part of a 6-week Creative Arts program in Spring of 2013, fourth graders at Propel East learned about the technology used to make recordings for radio, while discovering the impact of their own voice and opinion. They identified social issues that concerned them and researched caring organizations that address these concerns. They then developed a script and recorded these public service announcements, which are also schedule for distribution via The Saturday Light Brigade radio program.

Download Audio FileAnimal Friends – Brianna, Christina and Olivia [audio: east/4th grade/Animal-Friends_Brianna-Christina-Olivia.mp3]

Download Audio FileAnimal Rescue League – Laney, Milan, Mya and Tianna [audio: east/4th grade/Animal-Rescue-League__Laney-Milan-Mya-Tianna.mp3]

Download Audio FileHomeless Children’s Education Fund – Jacob, Mark, Pharoh and Zion [audio: east/4th grade/HCEF_Jacob-Mark-Pharoh-Zion.mp3]

Download Audio FileJust Harvest – Anthony, Cameron, James and Jason [audio: east/4th grade/JustHarvest_Anthony-Cameron-James-Jason.mp3]

Download Audio FileMothers Against Drunk Driving – Chaiem, Jaiya, Mara and Skyona [audio: east/4th grade/MADD_Chaiem-Jaiya-Mara-Skyona.mp3]

Download Audio FileMario Lemieux Foundation – Danny, Jadon, Jeremy and Shane [audio: east/4th grade/MarioLemieuxFoundation_Danny-Jadon-Jeremy-Shane.mp3]

Download Audio FileNC4MK – Janii, Jayla and Toree [audio: east/4th grade/NC4MK_Janii-Jayla-Toree.mp3]

Download Audio FileNine Mile Run – Declan, Dominic, Ethan and Josh [audio: east/4th grade/NineMileRun_Declan-Dominic-Ethan-Josh.mp3]

Download Audio FileNine Mile Run – Eriys, Liam and Michael [audio: east/4th grade/NineMileRun_Eriys-Liam-Michael.mp3]

Download Audio FileThree Rivers Youth – Allie, Javon, Lauren and Shellie [audio: east/4th grade/ThreeRiversYouth_Allie-Javon-Lauren-Shellie.mp3]


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