Propel East – Third Grade – It’s Cool to Care

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It’s Cool to Care


In Spring 2013 and as part of a 6-week Creative Arts program focused on radio broadcasting, Propel East third graders identified social issues that concerned them. They then researched, wrote and recorded these public service announcements to promote organizations working to address these issues.

This project was designed to expose students to people making a difference, career opportunities focused on helping people, and the power of clear writing and speaking as a means of conveying information to others.  The pieces below were performed, engineered and produced by the students in third grade.   In addition to appearing on this site, these pieces are also scheduled for distribution via The Saturday Light Brigade radio program.



Download Audio File Paddle Without Pollution

Team Triumph

Asante, Kylie and Tori [audio: east/3rd grade/Asante_Kylie_Tori_PwoP.mp3]


Download Audio File Greater Pittsburgh Community Food Bank

Team Honor

Aujaye, Travis and Abby [audio: east/3rd grade/Aujaye_Travis_Abby_GPCFB.mp3]


Download Audio FileStudents Against Destructive Decisions

Team Dream

Ava, Andreina and Charlie [audio: east/3rd grade/Ava_Andreina_Charlie_SADD.mp3]


Download Audio File The Breathe Project

Team Virtue

Brandon, Sean and Shiyah [audio: east/3rd grade/Brandon_Sean_Shiyah_Breathe-Project.mp3]


Download Audio File Allegheny Cleanways

Team Fire

Destiny, Nate B. and Ryan  [audio: east/3rd grade/Destiny_Nate-P_Ryan_ACW.mp3]


Download Audio FileMothers Against Drunk Driving

Team Power

Jayden, Landon and Nate P.  [audio: east/3rd grade/Jayden_Landon_Nate_MADD.mp3]


Download Audio File TreeVitalize

Team Spirit

Jesse, Laini and Allie [audio: east/3rd grade/Jesse_Laini_Alli_PSA.mp3]


Download Audio File East End Cooperative Ministries

Team Bravery

Juliann, Izzy and Angel [audio: east/3rd grade/Juliann_Izzy_Angel_EECM.mp3]


Team Justice

Lily and Tommy [audio: east/3rd grade/Lily_Tommy_EECM.mp3]


Download Audio FileFurKid Rescue

Team Courage

Kevyn, Stephen and Abe [audio: east/3rd grade/Kevyn_Stephen_Abraham_FurKid-Rescue.mp3]


Download Audio File Western PA Humane Society

Team Glory

Narissa, Jordan and Patrick  [audio: east/3rd grade/Narissa_Jordan_Patrick_PSA.mp3]


Download Audio File GASP Pittsburgh

Team Wisdom

Patrick, Justin and Zoey [audio: east/3rd grade/Patrick_Justin_Zoey_GaspPGH.mp3]


Download Audio File World Wildlife Fund

Team Imagine

Pierce, Navaeh and Nina [audio: east/3rd grade/Pierce_Navaeh_Nina_WWF.mp3]


Download Audio File YWCA Pittsburgh

Team Strength

Rayonna, Tolu and Dominic [audio: east/3rd grade/Rayonna_Tolu_Dominic_PSA.mp3]


Download Audio File Western PA Conservancy

Team Heart

Roman, Aiden and Samantha [audio: east/3rd grade/Roman_Aiden_Samantha_WPC (2).mp3]

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