Propel East – 2nd Grade – Fables

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As part of a 6-week Creative Arts program in Spring of 2013, second graders at Propel East learned about the technology used to make recordings for radio. Students read Aesop’s fables, discussed parts of a story, and then wrote and illustrated original stories that they turned into books. They then recorded these stories, which are also scheduled for distribution via The Saturday Light Brigade radio program.

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Download Audio FileAbby H. – The Writing Utensil Crew [audio: east/2nd Grade/Abby-H_The-Writing-Utensil-Crew.mp3]

Download Audio FileAbigail C. – Cats vs Birds [audio: east/2nd Grade/Abigail-C_Cats-vs-Birds.mp3]

Download Audio FileAbigail C. – How to Become a Mermaid [audio: east/2nd Grade/Abigail-C_How-To-Become-A-Mermaid.mp3]

Download Audio FileAda W. – The Deadly War [audio: east/2nd Grade/Ada-W_The-Deadly-War.mp3]

Download Audio File Adam G. and Branson J. – Zalienes [audio: east/2nd Grade/Branson-J-and-Adam-G_Zalienes.mp3]

Download Audio FileAniya P. – First Sleepover Goes Bad [audio: east/2nd Grade/Aniya-P_First-Sleepover-Goes-Bad.mp3]

Download Audio FileAnthony M. – Egypt [audio: east/2nd Grade/Anthony-M_Egypt.mp3]

Download Audio FileAtayziah C. G. – Three Best Friends [audio: east/2nd Grade/Atayziah-C-G_Three-Best-Friends.mp3]

Download Audio FileBlake E. – The Monster [audio: east/2nd Grade/Blake-E_The-Monster.mp3]

Download Audio FileBrooke R. – The Dog and The Girl [audio: east/2nd Grade/Brooke-R_The-Dog-and-The-Girl.mp3]

Download Audio FileBryan T. – Ghosts [audio: east/2nd Grade/Bryan-T_Ghosts.mp3]

Download Audio FileCameron N. – Crayon and Boogerface [audio: east/2nd Grade/Cameron-N_Crayon-And-Boogerface.mp3]

Download Audio FileCarleigh P. and Daiona F. – Once Upon a Princess [audio: east/2nd Grade/Carleigh-P-and-Daiona-F_Once-Upon-A-Princess.mp3]

Download Audio FileCharlie M. – The Chess Players [audio: east/2nd Grade/Charlie-M_The-Chess-Players.mp3]

Download Audio FileCierra S. – The Princess and the Frog [audio: east/2nd Grade/Cierra-S_The-Princess-And-The-Frog.mp3]

Download Audio FileDamond G. – Dinosaur Zone vs Zombie Zone [audio: east/2nd Grade/Damond-G_Dinosaur-Zone-vs-Zombie-Zone.mp3]

Download Audio FileDouglas B. – A Poor Kid [audio: east/2nd Grade/Douglas-B_A-Poor-Kid.mp3]

Download Audio FileEli B. – Attack of the Zalines [audio: east/2nd Grade/Eli-B_Attack-of-the-Zalines.mp3]

Download Audio FileElijah K. – Me and Charlie [audio: east/2nd Grade/Elijah-K_Me-and-Charlie.mp3]

Download Audio FileIan H. – The Evil Guy [audio: east/2nd Grade/Ian-H_The-Evil-Guy.mp3]

Download Audio FileJada S. – The Guy Who Had Five Kids [audio: east/2nd Grade/Jada-S_The-Guy-Who-Had-Five-Kids.mp3]

Download Audio FileJaide M. – The Corn Eating Dog [audio: east/2nd Grade/Jaide-M_The-Corn-Eating-Dog.mp3]


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Download Audio FileJocelyn M. – Sleepover Goes Horrible [audio: east/2nd Grade/Jocelyn-M_Sleepover-Goes-Horrible.mp3]

Download Audio FileJordan P. – Zombies [audio: east/2nd Grade/Jordan-P_Zombies.mp3]

Download Audio FileJordan W. – All About Julian [audio: east/2nd Grade/Jordan-W_All-About-Julian.mp3]

Download Audio FileJulian M. – Ancient Egypt [audio: east/2nd Grade/Julian-M_Ancient-Egypt.mp3]

Download Audio FileJustin C. – The Zombie Chase [audio: east/2nd Grade/Justin-C_The-Zombie-Chase.mp3]

Download Audio FileLee M. – The Boy Who Got Hurt [audio: east/2nd Grade/Lee-M_The-Boy-Who-Got-Hurt.mp3]

Download Audio FileLindsey L. – My First Sleepover [audio: east/2nd Grade/Lindsey-L_My-First-Sleepover.mp3]

Download Audio FileMadison M. – The Fairy Family [audio: east/2nd Grade/Madison-M_The-Fairy-Family.mp3]

Download Audio FileMarkara S. – Candy Land [audio: east/2nd Grade/Markara-S_Candy-Land.mp3]

Download Audio FileMatvey Z. – Egyptian Myths [audio: east/2nd Grade/Matvey-Z_Egyptian-Myths.mp3]

Download Audio FileMia C. – The Fairy Ball [audio: east/2nd Grade/Mia-C_The-Fairy-Ball.mp3]

Download Audio FileMisha B. – Magic Ring [audio: east/2nd Grade/Misha-B_Magic-Ring.mp3]

Download Audio FileNatalie E. – A Girl Named Cat [audio: east/2nd Grade/Natalie-E_A-Girl-Named-Cat.mp3]

Download Audio FileNathaniel O. – Attack of The Gorgonsala Man and Suciny Man [audio: east/2nd Grade/Nathaniel-O_Attack-Of-The-Gorgonsala-And-Suciny-Man.mp3]

Download Audio FileNya W. – The Mouse and The Rat [audio: east/2nd Grade/Nya-W_The-Mouse-And-The-Rat.mp3]

Download Audio FileReese D. – Cinco De Mayo [audio: east/2nd Grade/Reese-D_Cinco-De-Mayo.mp3]

Download Audio FileRussell A. – Zombie Attacking a Pyramid [audio: east/2nd Grade/Russell_A-Zombie-Attacking-A-Pyramid.mp3]

Download Audio FileRylee V. – Rainbow Building [audio: east/2nd Grade/Rylee-V_Rainbow-Building.mp3]

Download Audio FileSkyler S. – The Magic Nails [audio: east/2nd Grade/Skyler-S_The-Magic-Nails.mp3]

Download Audio FileSydney K. – Random Escape Plan [audio: east/2nd Grade/Sydney-K_Random-Escape-Plan.mp3]

Download Audio FileZachary B. – The Boy who Loved Animals [audio: east/2nd Grade/Zachary-B_The-Boy-Who-Loved-Animals.mp3]


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