Pittsburgh Schiller 6-8: Editing

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Students in Radio Club at Pittsburgh Schiller 6-8  began learning how to edit the pieces collected during Radio Club last week. They worked in groups using netbook computers and editing their pieces to be 15-20 seconds in length.  This work is a result of the fourth of six weekly sessions in which students will learn about the microphones, mixers and digital recorders used in producing features for radio.  The following are some samples of the students’ work:

Download Audio FileBrandon [audio:http://archived.slbradio.org/mp3/pghyouthradiocorps/Buhl/Schiller/Shorter Montage/Brandon_13_Creativity.mp3]

Download Audio FileChanel [audio:http://archived.slbradio.org/mp3/pghyouthradiocorps/Buhl/Schiller/Shorter Montage/chanel_13_Bullying.mp3]

Download Audio FileKevon [audio:http://archived.slbradio.org/mp3/pghyouthradiocorps/Buhl/Schiller/Shorter Montage/Kevon_12_Bullying.mp3]

Download Audio FileSierra [audio:http://archived.slbradio.org/mp3/pghyouthradiocorps/Buhl/Schiller/Shorter Montage/Sierra_13_Personal-Expression.mp3]

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