Pittsburgh King Prek-8, After School Workshop: A Time I was Helpful

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The Radio Club after school workshop continued on February 6th with a visit to The Saturday Light Brigade’s radio studio! Housed in the basement of the Pittsburgh Children’s Museum, the radio studio is the site of SLB’s weekly broadcast and home to tons of cool, state-of-the-art recording equipment. Once there, the students reflected on times they were helpful.


Download Audio FileAnthony [audio:http://archived.slbradio.org/mp3/pghyouthradiocorps/schools/King/Wednesday Afterschool/A Time I was Helpful/Anthony.mp3]

Download Audio FileJoshua [audio:http://archived.slbradio.org/mp3/pghyouthradiocorps/schools/King/Wednesday Afterschool/A Time I was Helpful/Joshua.mp3]

Download Audio FileQuavon [audio:http://archived.slbradio.org/mp3/pghyouthradiocorps/schools/King/Wednesday Afterschool/A Time I was Helpful/Quavon.mp3]

Download Audio FileRae’kwon [audio:http://archived.slbradio.org/mp3/pghyouthradiocorps/schools/King/Wednesday Afterschool/A Time I was Helpful/Rae’kwon.mp3]

Download Audio FileTyrese [audio:http://archived.slbradio.org/mp3/pghyouthradiocorps/schools/King/Wednesday Afterschool/A Time I was Helpful/Tyrese.mp3]

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