Pittsburgh Brashear After School: Language Week, Advice For Freshmen, & Reading

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Some great dialogue at Brashear last week! Each of our three blocks chose their own topic for discussion.

Every student in Block 1 had lived in another country aside from the United States at some point, so, in the spirit of National Foreign Language Week, each Radio Club member talked about their first language. Later, in a round table setting, Block 1 talked about their experience coming to Brashear, which is Pittsburgh’s ESL (English Second Language) hub. Listen to their unique perspectives below.

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Download Audio FileZakiyah

[audio:http://archived.slbradio.org/mp3/pps/Brashear/3-11-2015 Language Week/Zakiyah_16_Language.mp3]

Download Audio FileSuren

[audio:http://archived.slbradio.org/mp3/pps/Brashear/3-11-2015 Language Week/Suren_17_Language.mp3]

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[audio:http://archived.slbradio.org/mp3/pps/Brashear/3-11-2015 Language Week/Eric_Language.mp3]

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Download Audio FileBlock 1, National Foreign Language Week

[audio:http://archived.slbradio.org/mp3/pps/Brashear/3-11-2015 Language Week/National_Language_Week.mp3]

With some of high school’s scariest time behind them, Block 2 channeled their experience and offered up some advice for incoming freshmen.

Download Audio FileBlock 2, Advice for Incoming Freshmen

[audio:http://archived.slbradio.org/mp3/pps/Brashear/3-11-2015 Language Week/Advice_For_Freshmen.mp3]

Block 3 decided pretty quickly that they wanted to talk about reading; addressing some of the joys, struggles, and takeaways from literature.

Download Audio FileBlock 3, Reading

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