Pittsburgh Allegheny 6-8 After School 2015: “A Pig’s Life”

It’s our final day of Radio Club at Pittsburgh Allegheny Traditional Academy! And to celebrate all the hard work the students have put into writing and recording over the course of these six weeks we decided to eat some snacks before venturing down into The Children’s Museum of Pittsburgh, into The Saturday Light Brigade’s radio studio to make one final recording!

Below is the student’s “communal story” where each took turns telling the same, imaginative tale, building on what one another had said before. What follows is a strange yarn, like a macabre “Babe” or grotesque “Charlotte’s Web.” And to all our students: Have a great Summer!

Download Audio FileA Pig’s Life

[audio:http://archived.slbradio.org/mp3/Buhl Workshops/ATA 2015/5-4 Pig Story/A Pig’s Life_Final_Mixdown.mp3]
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