Perry After School: Commercials

Over the course of a few weeks Perry Traditional Academy students were asked to write their own commercials. Radio Club members got to voice their own spots, as well as choose music and sound effects for their advertisement. Students that couldn’t select a product (which can be really tough!) were assigned one, which provided a different set of challenges.

Check out some of the audio spots below. Who knows, some of these products and services could be coming soon…

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Download Audio FileTynaya – Carapalooza

[audio: Carapolooza.mp3]

Download Audio FileKayla – Wolf Puppy Plaza

[audio: Wolf Puppy Plaza.mp3]

Download Audio FileKara – Finding Cinderella

[audio: Finding Cinderella.mp3]


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Download Audio FileCi Ci – Ci Ci’s Hair

[audio: Hair.mp3]

Download Audio FileBrianna – Water Lou Water Park

[audio: Water Lou Water Park.mp3]

Download Audio FileAsia – Family Care

[audio: Family Care.mp3]


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