Moon Area School District: “How To” Storybox


In Summer 2015, SLB Radio Productions Inc., in partnership with Moon Area School District convened a group of first through fourth graders. While learning about digital audio recording, the group also designed their own books and shared something that they know how to do!

Listen and learn below while these students share their expertise, from how to do karate, to how to climb a tree to making eggs!


Download Audio FileAviona – How to Paint a Picture

[audio: How To SB/Aviona_Paint-a-Picture.mp3]

Download Audio FileEmma – How to Climb a Tree

[audio: How To SB/Emma_Climb-a-Tree.mp3]

Download Audio FileJacob – How to Do Karate

[audio: How To SB/Jacob_Karate.mp3]

Download Audio FileKara – How to Make Chuchura

[audio: How To SB/Kara_Chuchura.mp3]

Download Audio FileMichael – How to Build a House

[audio: How To SB/Michael_Build-a-House.mp3]

Download Audio FileMike – How to Throw a Football

[audio: How To SB/Mike-Throw-a-Football.mp3]

Download Audio FileShiri – How to Make Eggs

[audio: How To SB/Shiri-Make-Eggs.mp3]

Download Audio FileXavier – How to Wash Dishes with Spongebob

[audio: How To SB/Xavier_Washing-Dishes-With-Spongebob.mp3]

Download Audio FileZaiden – How to Play Soccer

[audio: How To SB/Zaiden_Playing-Soccer.mp3]
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