Martin Luther King, Jr. Storybox

Students in 6th through 8th grade at Pittsburgh Manchester Pre-K-8 took time to reflect on the life of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.  This StoryBox unit presents the resulting spoken essays about his life as well as through verbal interpretations of specific passages from Dr. King’s speeches.

This StoryBox unit was made possible with support from the Pittsburgh Public Schools Elect student Works After-School Program and The Buhl Foundation.  Special thanks to Ms. Sirmons,  Mr. Mathews, Ms. Ferraro, Ms. Mole, Principal Cherry, and all participating students.

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Download Audio FileBiography [audio:]

Download Audio FileEarnest – on Letter from Birmingham Jail [audio:]

Download Audio FileTim – on Letter from Birmingham Jail [audio:]

Download Audio FileCourtney – from Loving Your Enemies [audio:]

Download Audio FileDushawn – from Loving Your Enemies [audio:]


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Download Audio FileJustyn – from The Dream [audio:]

Download Audio FileMaltese – reads an Original Poem [audio:]

Download Audio FileMarccus – on Sacrifice [audio:]

Download Audio FileTeisha – on Change [audio:]

Download Audio FileTyra – on Respect [audio:]



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