Little Free Libraries at Perry High School

Perry Traditional Academy students showed off some of their hard work with the Little Free Libraries project to peers and mentors alike at Remake Learning Days.

Little Free Libraries, a One North Side project launched by the Reading Initiative and made possible by the Sprout Fund, is designed to promote literacy and engage community members. This summer each of the North Side’s 18 neighborhoods will have their own Little Free Library where residents can take and/or share books. The wooden boxes were constructed by Brashear High School students and transported to Perry to be decorated and painted. Artwork on many of the libraries was inspired by landmarks or historical events of their designated neighborhood.

Download Audio FileLittle Free Libraries at Perry

Also showcased at the Remake Learning Days event was Perry’s film class, who screened some of their work for professionals, parents, and others in attendance.

Interested in hosting a Little Free Library at your North Side business or residence? Submit an application here.


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