GirlTalk Radio 2008

GirlTalk is a youth radio program in which students learn research, interviewing and digital audio editing to create a series of radio broadcasts and podcasts.

girltalk2008CDcoverThis after-school and Saturday program was designed for girls ages 11 – 15 and was free of charge thanks to underwriting from PBS’ popular teen science show, DragonFly TV, as well as the joint effort of The Girls Math and Science Partnership and SLB.

Listen To the GirlTalk Girls’ work. Click on the players to play or use the download icon to the left to download an mp3.

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Download Audio File Gretchen and Mia interview Andrea Arkin

Download Audio File Sara, Abby and Francesca interview Erin Estell

Download Audio File Emily and Angie interview Judy Lee

Download Audio File Allie and Lydia interview Mia Davis

Download Audio File Stephie and Mara interview Nina Kang

Download Audio File Kathryn, Marlie and Nataliea interview Tanya Groover

Download Audio File Hannah, Lexie and Naoka interview Tanya Martinez

Download Audio File Cassie, Mikaila and Trinity interview Vera Donnenberg

Thanks to the Girls Math & Science Partnership and GlaxoSmithKline Consumer Healthcare for making this project possible.


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