Clairton Voices

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During the 2013-2014 school year, SLB Radio Productions, Inc., in partnership with The Consortium For Public Education, convened a group of middle school boys at Clairton Education Center participating in CASTLE (Clairton’s After -School Teaching & Learning Experience).

While learning about digital audio recording, the group also spent time discussing attributes of male role models and identifying men with a connection to Clairton to be interviewed. With support as needed, students then arranged, conducted and edited the interviews.


Download Audio FileWayne Wade Jr.

Interview By: Tymerre, Adam and Tenton

[audio: Voices/MP3/Wade_mixdown.mp3]

Download Audio FileWilliam Bradford

Interview By: Timothy, James, Azeon, Isaiah

[audio: Voices/MP3/Bradford_Master.mp3]

Download Audio FileKevin Manko

Interview By: Allen, Koytt, Daevon, Adonia, Aqaveon

[audio: Voices/MP3/Manko_Master.mp3]

Download Audio FileRobert Geletko

Interview By: Jermont, Isaiah, Laurence and Jarievan

[audio: Voices/MP3/Giletko_mixdown.mp3]

Download Audio FileFrancis Pocciotto

Interview By: Isaiah, Leonard, Bradyn and Kyrese

[audio: Voices/MP3/Pocciotto_mixdown.mp3]

Download Audio FileRobert Nystrom

Interview By: Jamie, Jonte and Allen

[audio: Voices/MP3/Nystrom_mixdown.mp3]

Download Audio FileGreg Spotti

Interview By: Tymerre, Adam, Develen, Isiah and Trenton

[audio: Voices/MP3/Spotti_mixdown.mp3]

Download Audio FileTrevor Miles

Interview By: Brayden, Leonard, Develen, Tymerre, Kyrese and Trenton

[audio: Voices/MP3/Miles_Master.mp3]

Download Audio FileAnthony Hritz

Interview By: Bryan and Trentin

[audio: Voices/MP3/Hritz_mixdown.mp3]

Download Audio FileTed Ulmer

Interview By: Jamie, Raymier and JavonDray

[audio: Voices/MP3/Ulmer_mixdown.mp3]
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