Clairton CASTLE: What’s Important to Me Part Deux & Editing Demo

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On our 5th Radio Club meeting at Clairton’s CASTLE program, the students who didn’t get a chance to record last week got their moment in the sun, then everybody learned the basics of audio editing.

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Download Audio FileAleaha [audio: more concerns/Aleaha_10_Concerns.mp3]

Download Audio FileBryce [audio: more concerns/Bryce_10_Concerns.mp3]

Download Audio FileIyuna [audio: more concerns/Iyonna_10_Concerns.mp3]

Download Audio FileJamie [audio: more concerns/Jamie_10_Concerns.mp3]

Download Audio FileJordan [audio: more concerns/Jordan_10_Concerns.mp3][/column]

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Download Audio FileKailey [audio: more concerns/Kailey_10_Concerns.mp3]

Download Audio FileKaniah [audio: more concerns/Kaniah_10_Concerns.mp3]

Download Audio FileRaymier [audio: more concerns/Raymier_10_Concerns.mp3]

Download Audio FileTay-Tay [audio: more concerns/Ta-Ta_10_Concerns.mp3][/column]

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