Clairton CASTLE: What Makes A Good Friend

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On our third day of Radio Club, students were introduced to the H2 Digital Recorder and its multitude of buttons. After learning the basics of these handheld devices, they then recorded themselves on what they think makes a person a good friend. Their answers ranged from having the same interests, to your friend being a prince so you could steal all his jewels and then live a life of leisure.

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Download Audio FileBryan [audio: makes a Good Friend/Bryan_11_GoodFriend.mp3]

Download Audio FileBryce [audio: makes a Good Friend/Bryce_11_GoodFriend.mp3]

Download Audio FileDashaya [audio: makes a Good Friend/Dashaya_12_GoodFriend.mp3]

Download Audio FileDon [audio: makes a Good Friend/Don_10_GoodFriend.mp3]

Download Audio FileIyuna [audio: makes a Good Friend/Iyuna_11_GoodFriend.mp3]

Download Audio FileJason [audio: makes a Good Friend/Jason_11_GoodFriend.mp3]

Download Audio FileJeleah [audio: makes a Good Friend/Jeleah_10_GoodFriend.mp3]

Download Audio FileJuleona [audio: makes a Good Friend/Juleona_10_GoodFriend.mp3][/column]

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Download Audio FileKaliey [audio: makes a Good Friend/Kaliey_10_GoodFriend.mp3]

Download Audio FileKamiya [audio: makes a Good Friend/Kamiya_10_GoodFriend.mp3]

Download Audio FileLeah [audio: makes a Good Friend/Leah_10_GoodFriend.mp3]

Download Audio FileLyric [audio: makes a Good Friend/Lyric_11_GoodFriend.mp3]

Download Audio FileMackenzie [audio: makes a Good Friend/Mackenzie_10_GoodFriend.mp3]

Download Audio FileRaymier [audio: makes a Good Friend/Raymier_10_GoodFriend.mp3]

Download Audio FileTaylor [audio: makes a Good Friend/Taylor_10_GoodFriend.mp3]

Download Audio FileTrentin [audio: makes a Good Friend/Trentin_10_GoodFriend.mp3][/column]

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