Clairton CASTLE: What I’m Looking Forward to This School Year

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On our second day of Radio Club, students were asked what they were looking forward to this school year. Everyone was excited about the new blank slate and the opportunity to get better grades.

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Download Audio FileAaliyah [audio: Im Looking Forward To/Aaliyah_12_WhatImLookingForwardTo.mp3]

Download Audio FileAllen [audio: Im Looking Forward To/Allen_13_WhatImLookingForwardTo.mp3]

Download Audio FileBryan [audio: Im Looking Forward To/Bryan_10_WhatImLookingForwardTo.mp3]

Download Audio FileChier [audio: Im Looking Forward To/Chier_10_WhatImLookingForwardTo.mp3]

Download Audio FileColton [audio: Im Looking Forward To/Colton_10_WhatImLookingForwardTo.mp3]

Download Audio FileDevandre [audio: Im Looking Forward To/Devandre_11_WhatImLookingForwardTo.mp3]

Download Audio FileDon [audio: Im Looking Forward To/Don_10_WhatImLookingForwardTo.mp3]

Download Audio FileIyauna [audio: Im Looking Forward To/Iyauna_11_WhatImLookingForwardTo.mp3]

Download Audio FileJada [audio: Im Looking Forward To/Jada_12_WhatImLookingForwardTo.mp3]

Download Audio FileJaleah [audio: Im Looking Forward To/Jaleah_10_WhatImLookingForwardTo.mp3]

Download Audio FileJayla [audio: Im Looking Forward To/Jayla_12_WhatImLookingForwardTo.mp3][/column]

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Download Audio FileKailey [audio: Im Looking Forward To/Kailey_10_WhatImLookingForwardTo.mp3]

Download Audio FileKamiyia [audio: Im Looking Forward To/Kamiyia_10_WhatImLookingForwardTo.mp3]

Download Audio FileKaniah [audio: Im Looking Forward To/Kaniah_10_WhatImLookingForwardTo.mp3]

Download Audio FileKhori [audio: Im Looking Forward To/Khori_12_WhatImLookingForwardTo.mp3]

Download Audio FileLeah [audio: Im Looking Forward To/Leah_10_WhatImLookingForwardTo.mp3]

Download Audio FileLexi [audio: Im Looking Forward To/Lexi_11_WhatImLookingForwardTo.mp3]

Download Audio FileMackenzie [audio: Im Looking Forward To/Mackenzie_10_WhatImLookingForwardTo.mp3]

Download Audio FileNakiyah [audio: Im Looking Forward To/Nakiyah_10_WhatImLookingForwardTo.mp3]

Download Audio FileRaymier [audio: Im Looking Forward To/Raymier_10_WhatImLookingForwardTo.mp3]

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Download Audio FileTrentin [audio: Im Looking Forward To/Trentin_10_WhatImLookingForwardTo.mp3]

Download Audio FileZiyeed [audio: Im Looking Forward To/Ziyeed_13_WhatImLookingForwardTo.mp3][/column]


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