Clairton CASTLE: Virtual DJing 101

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Students at Clairton’s CASTLE program were introduced to the audio mixing software Virtual DJ Pro, with which they used to alter various songs ranging from The Lion King’s “Hakuna Mata” to Aretha Franklin’s “Respect.”

Download Audio FileAdam

[audio: Semester/5-6 Virtual DJ/Adam_12_VirtualDJ.mp3]

Download Audio FileAliyah

[audio: Semester/5-6 Virtual DJ/Aliyah_12_VirtualDJ.mp3]

Download Audio FileCerentie & Lanon

[audio: Semester/5-6 Virtual DJ/Cerenitie_&_Lanon_12_VirtualDJ.mp3]

Download Audio FileKyra

[audio: Semester/5-6 Virtual DJ/Kyra_12_VirtualDJ.mp3]

Download Audio FileLaurence

[audio: Semester/5-6 Virtual DJ/Laurence_12_VirtualDJ.mp3]


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