Clairton CASTLE: Three Things About Me

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Radio Club’s second semester at Clairton’s CASTLE program has officially begun! Huzzah! To welcome our new cadre of Radio Club-ers we asked them three questions: “How do you think others would describe you?” “What do you like to do outside of class?” and “Would you rather be a werewolf or a vampire?”

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Download Audio FileAdam [audio: Semester/2-4 Three Things/Adam_13_ThreeThings.mp3]

Download Audio FileAlona [audio: Semester/2-4 Three Things/Alona_13_ThreeThings.mp3]

Download Audio FileAshley [audio: Semester/2-4 Three Things/Ashley_13_ThreeThings.mp3]

Download Audio FileJaleya [audio: Semester/2-4 Three Things/Jaleya_13_ThreeThings.mp3]

Download Audio FileKyrese [audio: Semester/2-4 Three Things/Kyrese_13_ThreeThings.mp3]

Download Audio FileTrenton [audio: Semester/2-4 Three Things/Trenton_13_ThreeThings.mp3]

Download Audio FileTrinity [audio: Semester/2-4 Three Things/Trinity_13_ThreeThings.mp3]

Download Audio FileVictoria [audio: Semester/2-4 Three Things/Victoria_13_ThreeThings.mp3]

Download Audio FileAliyah [audio: Semester/2-4 Three Things/Aliyah_11_ThreeThings.mp3][/column]

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Download Audio FileAnthony [audio: Semester/2-4 Three Things/Anthony_11_ThreeThings.mp3]

Download Audio FileAubrion [audio: Semester/2-4 Three Things/Aubrion_11_ThreeThings.mp3]

Download Audio FileIsaiah [audio: Semester/2-4 Three Things/Isaiah_11_ThreeThings.mp3]

Download Audio FileJarievar [audio: Semester/2-4 Three Things/Jarievar_11_ThreeThings.mp3]

Download Audio FileJermont [audio: Semester/2-4 Three Things/Jermont_11_ThreeThings.mp3]

Download Audio FileKyra [audio: Semester/2-4 Three Things/Kyra_11_ThreeThings.mp3]

Download Audio FileKira [audio: Semester/2-4 Three Things/Kira_11_ThreeThings.mp3]

Download Audio FileLaurence [audio: Semester/2-4 Three Things/Laurence_11_ThreeThings.mp3]

Download Audio FileSerenity [audio: Semester/2-4 Three Things/Serenity_11_ThreeThings.mp3][/column]


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