Clairton CASTLE: SLB Studio Fieldtrip & Building A Microphone – Before/After

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On our last day of Radio Club before the holidays, students visited The Saturday Light Brigade radio studio in the basement of the Pittsburgh Children’s Museum. Once there, they recorded what they’d learned about building microphones, then sang some awesome karaoke of “What Does the Fox Say.” Below are both the “Pre-Building” and “Post-Building” of a Microphone recordings, along with Dashaya’s detailed explanation of the process.

Download Audio File7th and 8th Graders – Before [audio: Building a microphone/1st_Class_7th+8th-Before_Mixdown.mp3]

Download Audio File5th and 6th Graders – Before [audio: Building a microphone/2nd_Class_5th&6th-Before_Mixdown.mp3]


Download Audio FileHow to Build a Microphone – After [audio: Building a microphone/Building_A_Microphone-AFTER_Mixdown.mp3]

Download Audio FileDashaya’s Breakdown [audio: Building a microphone/dashaya_10_microphoneBuilding-After.mp3]


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