Clairton CASTLE: One Safe Space

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We asked elementary and middle school students in Clairton’s CASTLE program about one safe space, one caring adult or one opportunity for advancement. After a discussion about how each of these contributes to success, students wrote and recorded their thoughts.

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Download Audio FileAaliyah [audio: One Safe Space/Aaliyah.mp3]

Download Audio FileAmberly [audio: One Safe Space/Amberly.mp3]

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Download Audio FileAnastasia [audio: One Safe Space/Anastasia.mp3]

Download Audio FileAnia [audio: One Safe Space/Ania.mp3]

Download Audio FileChance [audio: One Safe Space/Chance.mp3]

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Download Audio FileDaniel [audio: One Safe Space/Daniel.mp3]

Download Audio FileDenae [audio: One Safe Space/Denae.mp3]


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Download Audio FileDevin W [audio: One Safe Space/Devin_W.mp3]

Download Audio FileEaston [audio: One Safe Space/Eston.mp3]

Download Audio FileGianaya [audio: One Safe Space/Gianaya .mp3]

Download Audio FileJalaya [audio: One Safe Space/Jalaya.mp3]

Download Audio FileJayla [audio: One Safe Space/Jayla.mp3]

Download Audio FileJerry [audio: One Safe Space/Jerry.mp3]

Download Audio FileKayauna [audio: One Safe Space/Kayauna.mp3]

Download Audio FileLiza G [audio: One Safe Space/Liza_G.mp3]

Download Audio FileTakeara [audio: One Safe Space/Takeara.mp3]

Download Audio FileTrinity [audio: One Safe Space/Trinity.mp3]

Download Audio FileVictoria [audio: One Safe Space/Victoria.mp3]

Download Audio FileSerenity [audio: One Safe Space/Serenity.mp3]




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