Clairton CASTLE: New Years Resolutions

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Radio Club is finally back from the holiday break, and to start things off we asked our students what were their New Years Resolutions. Many vowed to do better in school, while others aspired to achieve mayoral dominance; watch out Peduto, Leah is running on the three-minute-once-a-week-school-day platform.

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Download Audio FileChier [audio: New Years Resolutions/Chier_10_NewYearsHopes.mp3]

Download Audio FileDashaya [audio: New Years Resolutions/Dashaya_10_NewYearsHopes.mp3]

Download Audio FileDon [audio: New Years Resolutions/Don_10_NewYearsHopes.mp3]

Download Audio FileIyuana [audio: New Years Resolutions/Iyuana_10_NewYearsHopes.mp3]

Download Audio FileJavondray [audio: New Years Resolutions/Javondray_10_NewYearsHopes.mp3][/column]

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Download Audio FileKailey [audio: New Years Resolutions/Kailey_10_NewYearsHopes.mp3]

Download Audio FileKimyauna [audio: New Years Resolutions/Kimyauna_10_NewYearsHopes.mp3]

Download Audio FileLeah [audio: New Years Resolutions/Leah_10_NewYearsHopes.mp3]

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Download Audio FileTrentin [audio: New Years Resolutions/Trentin_10_NewYearsHopes.mp3][/column]


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