Clairton CASTLE: Hopes for Spring

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With the weather finally turning (sort of) and Spring seemingly right around the corner (right? RIGHT?), Radio Clubers allowed themselves to dream of short sleeve shirts, flip flops and sunglasses. After recording about what they planned to do when the fabled sun returned, they then had to make the difficult decision between being able to speak to animals or being able to speak every other language.

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Download Audio FileAdam [audio: Semester/3-11 Hopes for Spring/Adam_12_HopesForSpring.mp3]

Download Audio FileAlona [audio: Semester/3-11 Hopes for Spring/Alona_13_HopesForSpring.mp3]

Download Audio FileIsaiah [audio: Semester/3-11 Hopes for Spring/Isaiah_12_HopesForSpring.mp3]

Download Audio FileJalaya [audio: Semester/3-11 Hopes for Spring/Jalaya_12_HopesForSpring.mp3]

Download Audio FileKira [audio: Semester/3-11 Hopes for Spring/Kira_11_HopesForSpring.mp3][/column]

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Download Audio FileKyra [audio: Semester/3-11 Hopes for Spring/Kyra_11_HopesForSpring.mp3]

Download Audio FileKyrese [audio: Semester/3-11 Hopes for Spring/Kyrese_13_HopesForSpring.mp3]

Download Audio FileLaurence [audio: Semester/3-11 Hopes for Spring/Laurence_12_HopesForSpring.mp3]

Download Audio FileLeonard [audio: Semester/3-11 Hopes for Spring/Leonard_13_HopesForSpring.mp3]

Download Audio FileNathaniel [audio: Semester/3-11 Hopes for Spring/Nathaniel_12_HopesForSpring.mp3][/column]


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