Clairton CASTLE : Good Friends

Students of Clairton’s CASTLE program made audio recordings about the qualities of a good friend.  These pieces are a result of their weekly sessions in which students will learn about the microphones, mixers and digital recorders used in producing features for radio.

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Download Audio FileAnala [audio: Good Friend/Anala.mp3]

Download Audio FileAnia [audio: Good Friend/Ania.mp3]

Download Audio FileDenae [audio: Good Friend/Denae.mp3]

Download Audio FileJalaya [audio: Good Friend/Jalaya.mp3]

Download Audio FileJayla [audio: Good Friend/Jayla.mp3]



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Download Audio FileTakeara [audio: Good Friend/Takeara.mp3]

Download Audio FileKayauna [audio: Good Friend/Kayauna.mp3]

Download Audio FileNadia [audio: Good Friend/Nadia.mp3]

Download Audio FileNakeisha [audio: Good Friend/Nakeisha.mp3]

Download Audio FileTatum [audio: Good Friend/Tatum.mp3]





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