Clairton CASTLE: Alien Stories

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Radio clubbers at Clairton’s CASTLE program wrote and recorded stories about making first contact with an alien species. Unfortunately, most of the aliens turned out to be more like the titular alien in “Alien” rather than like an E.T. or a Mork or a Chewbacca.

Download Audio FileAdam [audio: Semester/3-25 Alien Stories/Adam_13_AlienStory.mp3]

Download Audio FileKyresse [audio: Semester/3-25 Alien Stories/Kyresse_13_AlienStory.mp3]

Download Audio FileTrentin [audio: Semester/3-25 Alien Stories/Trentin_13_AlienStory.mp3]

Download Audio FileTymerre [audio: Semester/3-25 Alien Stories/Tymerre_13_AlienStory.mp3]

Download Audio FileVictoria [audio: Semester/3-25 Alien Stories/Victoria_13_AlienStory.mp3]

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