Clairton CASTLE 2016: A Start of a New Semester, Round Table Story Telling, “Three Things About Me” and the Makey Makey!

With the start of a new semester at Clairton School comes a new semester of Radio Club at the CASTLE after school program. It also means new Radio Clubbers (as well as some returning veterans!) The two brand new students introduced themselves with the recordings below while those already familiar with our recording techniques told a communal story–as if they were sitting around a campfire.

Everyone then had a chance to experiment/play with the Makey Makey, a modified arduino board created by JoyLabz. Through the power of alligator clips and conductivity the Makey Makey can turn almost anything into a button on a computer’s keyboard. And so the Radio Clubber’s finished off their first day of Radio Club with some Dance Dance Revolution using tinfoil pads (it was a little too hard to for only one person with their feet, so they opted to link up and use their hands.)

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