Clairton CASTLE 2015: Microphone Building – Pt. 2 & Karaoke

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Students at Clairton’s CASTLE after school program finished building their DIY microphones! Then, after sanding off an insulating coating on their makeshift leads, they were able to test their mics by connecting them to a mixer and speaker using alligator clips.

They then got to try their hand (or vocal chords) at some of their favorite pop songs!

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Download Audio FileKimmy

[audio: CASTLE/2014-2015/2nd Semester/3-23 Karaoke/Kimmy_11_Karaoke.mp3]

Download Audio FileMikayla

[audio: CASTLE/2014-2015/2nd Semester/3-23 Karaoke/Mikayla_11_Karaoke.mp3]

Download Audio FileJacob

[audio: CASTLE/2014-2015/2nd Semester/3-23 Karaoke/Jacob_10_Karaoke.mp3]


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