Clairton CASTLE 2015: A New Semester & “Three Things About Me”

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A new semester at Clairton’s CASTLE program means a brand new semester of Radio Club! Students were introduced to The Saturday Light Brigade, various professional recording equipment, as well as proper microphone technique before writing and recording pieces describing themselves.

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Download Audio FileIndeeyah

[audio: CASTLE/2014-2015/2nd Semester/1-21 Three Things/Indeeyah_10_ThreeThings_FX.mp3]

Download Audio FileKashmir

[audio: CASTLE/2014-2015/2nd Semester/1-21 Three Things/Kashmir_11_ThreeThings_FX.mp3]

Download Audio FileMaribell

[audio: CASTLE/2014-2015/2nd Semester/1-21 Three Things/Maribell_10_ThreeThings_FX.mp3]


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