Clairton CASTLE 2015-16: Three Things About Me

A new school year has begun and with it a new year of Radio Club at Clairton Middle School’s CASTLE program! As an introduction to radio production–as well as to each other–5th, 6th, 7th and 8th grade students were asked to answer this writing prompt: “In three words, how would others describe you?” They then produced the recordings below.

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Download Audio FileAmiya

[audio: CASTLE/2015-2016/Three Things/amiya_10_3things.mp3]

Download Audio FileCaleb

[audio: CASTLE/2015-2016/Three Things/caleb_11_3thing.mp3]

Download Audio FileJacob

[audio: CASTLE/2015-2016/Three Things/Jacob_11_3things.mp3]

Download Audio FileKaden

[audio: CASTLE/2015-2016/Three Things/kaden_10_3things.mp3]

Download Audio FileTyrone

[audio: CASTLE/2015-2016/Three Things/tyrone_11_3things.mp3]


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Download Audio FileKanye

[audio: CASTLE/2015-2016/Three Things/Kanye_11_3things.mp3]

Download Audio FileKimy

[audio: CASTLE/2015-2016/Three Things/Kimy_11_3things.mp3]

Download Audio FileNaw-ja

[audio: CASTLE/2015-2016/Three Things/Naw-ja_10_3things.mp3]

Download Audio FileJoshua

[audio: CASTLE/2015-2016/Three Things/joshua_11_3things.mp3]

Download Audio FileKeuiahna

[audio: CASTLE/2015-2016/Three Things/Keuiahna_13_3things.mp3]



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