Clairton CASTLE 2015-16: My Neighborhood, Audio Editing & Star Wars

Students at Clairton wrote and recorded these pieces about where they live before receiving a crash course in audio editing with some help from a projector, wireless keyboard and mouse. They then were asked the all-important question: “Are you excited for the new Star Wars movie???!!!”

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Download Audio FileJacob

[audio: CASTLE/2015-2016/12-2 My Neighborhood/Jacob_11_MyNeighborhood.mp3]

Download Audio FileJoshua

[audio: CASTLE/2015-2016/12-2 My Neighborhood/Josh_11_MyNeighborhood.mp3]

Download Audio FileKeviahna

[audio: CASTLE/2015-2016/12-2 My Neighborhood/Keviahna_12_MyNeighborhood.mp3]


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Download Audio FileMy’lan

[audio: CASTLE/2015-2016/12-2 My Neighborhood/Mylan_11_MyNeighborhood.mp3]

Download Audio FileSatee

[audio: CASTLE/2015-2016/12-2 My Neighborhood/Satee_10_MyNeighborhood.mp3]

Download Audio File“Are You Excited For The New Star Wars?”

[audio: CASTLE/2015-2016/12-2 My Neighborhood/Star Wars_Mix_withBed.mp3]


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