Clairton CASTLE 2015-16: “A First…”

Students at Clairton’s CASTLE after school program were asked to describe the very first time they ever learned, accomplished or experienced something meaningful in their lives.

Below are their recorded responses.

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Download Audio FileAmiya

[audio: CASTLE/2015-2016/A First/amiya_11_afirst.mp3]

Download Audio FileBrooklyn

[audio: CASTLE/2015-2016/A First/Brooklyn_10_afirst.mp3]

Download Audio FileCaleb

[audio: CASTLE/2015-2016/A First/caleb_11_afirst.mp3]

Download Audio FileEniree

[audio: CASTLE/2015-2016/A First/eniree_10_afirst.mp3]


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Download Audio FileJoey

[audio: CASTLE/2015-2016/A First/joey_10_afirst.mp3]

Download Audio FileKanylah

[audio: CASTLE/2015-2016/A First/kanylah_10_afirst.mp3]

Download Audio FileSatee

[audio: CASTLE/2015-2016/A First/satee_10_afirst.mp3]

Download Audio FileTruthe

[audio: CASTLE/2015-2016/A First/truthe_10_afirst.mp3]


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