Inclined to Care: Lifting the Alleghenies to New Heights, 2017



Johnstown Power Play – Adeline Mishler & Ethan Wingard, based on interviews with Holly Lees (Hockeyville Applicant), Ron Robertson (Cambria County Commissioners Office), Derek Partsch (Johnstown Tomahawks), Dana Henize (Pittsburgh Penguins), and John Dubnansky (Cambria County).

The Paintbrush is Just the Beginning – Alexis Buncich & Kelsey Hunsberger, based on interviews with Bridget Mayak (Artist), Mary Lee Stotler (Laurel Arts), and Jody Best (Confluence Art Center)

Sex Trafficking in Smalltown America – Aiden Stuart & Nikki Wright, based on interviews with Erika Brosig (Victim Services Inc.), Pam Vyhonsky (Conemaught Hospital), and Carla Smith (Emmanuel Baptist Church).

Hidden in Plain Sight – Justin Rovder & Ayanna Sellers, based on interviews with Danielle Bowers (Martha and Mary House) and Lisa Wengerd (Next Step Center).

BONUS TRACK: Senior Interns J.T. Durica and Olivia Oravic based on interviews with the current CFA interns.

Special thanks to Angie Berzonski and all of the staff and board members of the Community Foundation for the Alleghenies and the Heinz Endowments as well as the community members who provided support to the interns throughout the summer. More information on Community Foundation for the Alleghenies is available at, or (814) 536-7741.

The opinions expressed herein are solely those of the individual represented and do not necessarily reflect those of the Community Foundation for the Alleghenies, The Heinz Endowments or any collaborating organization.


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