Camp Fun: In the Future

As summer fades and the school year approaches, our Camp FUN group was asked to look past September and take a look into the future. From flying cars and phones implanted inside your hand, to free public transportation and a four point line in basketball, at the very least, these campers make the future sound interesting.

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Download Audio FileDeVon

[audio: Student Athletes/7-16-2015/Devon_11_In_the_Future.mp3]

Download Audio FileEddie

[audio: Student Athletes/7-16-2015/Eddie_14_In_the_Future.mp3]

Download Audio FileEric

[audio: Student Athletes/7-16-2015/Eric_13_In_the_Future.mp3]

Download Audio FileJaequan

[audio: Student Athletes/7-16-2015/Jaequan_12_In_the_Future.mp3]

Download Audio FileJayla

[audio: Student Athletes/7-16-2015/Jayla_12_In_the_Future.mp3]


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Download Audio FileKiera

[audio: Student Athletes/7-16-2015/Kiera_13_In_the_Future.mp3]

Download Audio FileMiracle

[audio: Student Athletes/7-16-2015/Miracle_11_In_the_Future.mp3]

Download Audio FileRonald

[audio: Student Athletes/7-16-2015/Ronald_13_In_the_Future.mp3]

Download Audio FileWilliam

[audio: Student Athletes/7-16-2015/William_12_In_the_Future.mp3]


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