Camp FUN: If I Were Mayor & Coach Poose

It’s hard to believe Camp FUN is almost over! Like they have all summer, our Radio Campers continue to create thoughtful audio. This week campers wrote and recorded what they would do if they were the mayor. Have a listen below!

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Download Audio FileDeVon

[audio: Student Athletes/7-23-2015/Mayor/DeVon_11_Mayor.mp3]

Download Audio FileEddie

[audio: Student Athletes/7-23-2015/Mayor/Eddie_14_Mayor.mp3]

Download Audio FileEric

[audio: Student Athletes/7-23-2015/Mayor/Eric_13_Mayor.mp3]

Download Audio FileJaequan

[audio: Student Athletes/7-23-2015/Mayor/Jaequan_12_Mayor.mp3]


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Download Audio FileKiera

[audio: Student Athletes/7-23-2015/Mayor/Kiera_13_Mayor.mp3]

Download Audio FileRonald

[audio: Student Athletes/7-23-2015/Mayor/Ronald_13_Mayor.mp3]

Download Audio FileJayla

[audio: Student Athletes/7-23-2015/Mayor/Jayla_Mayor.mp3]

Download Audio FileWilliam

[audio: Student Athletes/7-23-2015/Mayor/William_13_Mayor.mp3]


The group also continued what has become a themed project of sorts as they sat down with camp counselor James “Poose” Cole. Like many members of the staff members at Camp FUN, Coach Poose played sports at the collegiate level and had lots of wisdom and experiences to pass on to the young interviewers.

Download Audio FileJames “Poose” Cole

[audio: Student Athletes/7-23-2015/Poose/Coach_Poose_Final.mp3]
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