Camp FUN: Commercials

As we finished up a great summer of learning about audio, interviewing, and making recordings, campers tried their hand at writing commercials. Some campers chose businesses that already exist, while others created their own services and penned advertisements accordingly. A few writers even elected to add music.

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Download Audio FileWilliam’s Delivery Paper Route

[audio: Student Athletes/7-30-2015/Williams_Paper_Delivery_Final.mp3]

Download Audio FileRonald’s Flying Cars

[audio: Student Athletes/7-30-2015/Ronald_Flying_Cars_Final.mp3]

Download Audio FileKiera for Clair’s Nails

[audio: Student Athletes/7-30-2015/Kiera_Clairs_Nails.mp3]


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Download Audio FileJayla’s Future Nails

[audio: Student Athletes/7-30-2015/Jayla_Future_Nails.mp3]

Download Audio FileEddie’s Flying Snowboards

[audio: Student Athletes/7-30-2015/Eddie_flying_snowboard.mp3]

Download Audio FileDeVon’s Remote Controlled Cars

[audio: Student Athletes/7-30-2015/Devon_Remote_Cars_Final.mp3]



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