Camp FUN: Commercials!

We asked our older group at Camp FUN to get creative and write a radio advertisement for a product, store, or service they came up with. Campers even had the opportunity to choose sound effects and music for their commercials. If you need new shoes, a dirt bike, or are currently on fire – some of these businesses may be able to help.

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Download Audio FileBree’s Lip Gloss Shop

Download Audio FileDe De’s Sneaker Emporium

Download Audio FileFrazier’s Best Ice Cream Shop

Download Audio FileJason’s Lax

Download Audio FileKeyshawn’s Get Buff Now

Download Audio FileSanaa’s Shimmer


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Download Audio FileMichael’s Basketball Shoes

Download Audio FileSintraz’s Dirt Bike & Track Company

Download Audio FileTaniya’s Jewlery Shop

Download Audio FileVinny’s Dresses

Download Audio FileWilliam’s Fire Department




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