CADA Programs: Dream Vacation & Monsters!

There’s some really creative and colorful audio being made by our Radio Campers at CADA Programs!

Our younger group was asked to write where they would go if they could go anywhere for a dream vacation. Some imagined a trip to the luxurious beaches of Ohio, while others dared to travel in space.

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Download Audio FileJalil

[audio: Programs/Dream Vacation/Jalil_7_Dream_Vacation.mp3]

Download Audio FileHoward

[audio: Programs/Dream Vacation/Howard_9_Dream_Vacation.mp3]

Download Audio FileHoney

[audio: Programs/Dream Vacation/Honey_9_Dream_Vacation.mp3]

Download Audio FileKamil

[audio: Programs/Dream Vacation/Kamil_Dream_Vacation.mp3]

Download Audio FileRegal

[audio: Programs/Dream Vacation/Regal_9_Dream_Vacation.mp3]


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Download Audio FileDavid

[audio: Programs/Dream Vacation/David_8_Dream_Vacation.mp3]

Download Audio FileJalisa

[audio: Programs/Dream Vacation/Jalisa_7_Dream_Vacation.mp3]

Download Audio FileChris

[audio: Programs/Dream Vacation/Chris_7_Dream_Vacation.mp3]

Download Audio FileJustice

[audio: Programs/Dream Vacation/Justice_8_Dream_Vacation.mp3]

Download Audio FileCharity

[audio: Programs/Dream Vacation/Charity_9_Dream_Vacation.mp3]



Older campers each created a story about an imaginary creature that lives in the woods behind the CADA Programs building. Take a listen below and find out which monsters may be lurking in the knotweed thicket just off of Route 30.

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Download Audio FileGremlins by Amarie

[audio: Programs/Monster Stories/Amarie_12_Gremlins.mp3]

Download Audio FileMysterious Woods by Bri

[audio: Programs/Monster Stories/Bri_14_Woods.mp3]

Download Audio FileThe Crankiest Grandma Who Ever Lived by Dalton

[audio: Programs/Monster Stories/Dalton_13_Cranky_Grandma.mp3]

Download Audio FileThe Bolf by Hannah

[audio: Programs/Monster Stories/Hannah_14_The_Bolf.mp3]

Download Audio FileThe Roaring Monster by Jayda

[audio: Programs/Monster Stories/Jayda_11_Roaring_Monster.mp3]


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Download Audio FileBehind CADA Programs by Jaylynn

[audio: Programs/Monster Stories/Jaylynn_13_Teen_Wolf.mp3]

Download Audio FileHarry Hugglemonster by Kaylee

[audio: Programs/Monster Stories/Kaylee_11_Goblin.mp3]

Download Audio FileProtective Vampire by Page

[audio: Programs/Monster Stories/Page_12_Vampire.mp3]

Download Audio FileAn Old Man Named Killer by Xzaria

[audio: Programs/Monster Stories/Xzaria_13_Old_Man_Named_Killer.mp3]


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