Brashear After School: Introductions & Round Table Discussions



We’re very excited to be back at Brashear for After School programming! Two years ago we captured some great conversations and round table discussions of students on social issues, current events, and things that were happening in their school. The early sessions of 2017 have been no different. Take a listen to the audio below to get to know the students and be sure to check out their thoughtful round table discussions.

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Download Audio FileSean

Download Audio FileTashawn

Download Audio FileLawann

Download Audio FileJulian

Download Audio FileZhariah


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Download Audio FileKyara

Download Audio FileMarlon

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For this week’s round table discussions, one group chose to talk about fighting in school, while another examined the causes and effects of peer pressure.

Download Audio FileFights in School

Download Audio FilePeer Pressure

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