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During the 2015 – 2016 and 2016-2017 school years, SLB Radio, in partnership with Family Resources‘ out-of-school time program at BJWL in Glen Hazel, convened a group of middle school-aged girls in the Empower Me Healthy program. While learning about digital audio recording, the group spent time discussing how to establish, build, and maintain healthy life relationships with an emphasis on reducing teen dating violence (bullying/harassment) as well as maintaining a healthy self-image. Through mentoring and the expertise of partnering organizations, the girls will be armed and empowered with knowledge and skills to share with peers, parents, teachers and the community at large.

Listen below to hear some of the content created during sessions with SLB Radio.

Download Audio FileWhat a Healthy Lifestyle means to me

A Time I Achieved

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Download Audio FileAlaysia

Download Audio FileAlonah

Download Audio FileChanel

Download Audio FileDreyonna

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Download Audio FileKenyonna

Download Audio FileKimara

Download Audio FileShania

Download Audio FileTamia



Young Women, Big Voices Podcast  

Download Audio FileYoung Women, Big Voices Podcast

Download Audio FileAdvice for others and why I’m strong

As part of the program, participating girls helped to create audio outlining information learned through training from the Women’s Center and Shelter Hands Are Not For Hurting program, resources from staff at Family Resources and Women’s Center and Shelter and held discussions on healthy and unhealthy relationships. This audio is featured on a StoryBox™ unit housed at the BJWL Glen Hazel location. Listen below to the audio found from that program.

What is…

Download Audio FilePeer Pressure?

Download Audio FileAssertiveness?

Download Audio FileDating Violence?

Download Audio FileA Healthy Relationship?

Download Audio FileAn Unhealthy Relationship?

What are some resources and advice from experts in the field?

Download Audio FileResources from experts




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