Schedule remote broadcast/appearance

SLB makes over thirty visits a year to fairs, festivals and other special events.  These include:

  • Remote broadcasts, during which SLB will create a studio space within a facility and broadcast live from the event.  Remote broadcasts can only be done from events that are sponsored by non-profit organizations, free, and and open to the public.  Technical requirements include (1) a 15-amp, 120V grounded electrical outlet, (2) indoor or tent-covered location, (3) access to an analog (fax) telephone line and (4) access to Internet via WiFi or direct connection.  Because remote broadcasts require significant labor and expenses, a minimum fee of $2,500 applies.  This fee can often be paid by a corporate underwriter of the event or broadcast.  Remote broadcasts must be scheduled at least 16 weeks in advance.
  • SLB Appearances, during which we will entertain kids and adults at your event via (1) a stage show of interactive puzzles and word games or (2) an interactive digital audio booth (featuring special effects, recording opportunities and other activities).  Fees for these appearances are $375 for the first hour and $100 for each additional hour.  Discounts are available for nonprofit organizations.  Appearances should be booked at least 4 weeks in advance.

Additional information is available by contacting Larry Berger at 412.586.6300 x 1 or larry at slbradio dot org.

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