Perform on the air

SLB has been featuring live performance for over 30 years and currently has three weekly opportunities for your involvement:

  • Youth Expression Showcase (10:05 and 10:35 a.m. Eastern), during which soloists, ensembles, instrumentalists, singers, poets, writers, artists, actors and other youth in Grades K – 12 perform and discuss their work in virtually any genre, including those beyond our typical featured music.  This segment is not limited to the “best of the best” but is rather a celebration of individual achievement and devotion to craft.  Segments typically are 15 minutes long (including interview) and may be scheduled by teachers, parents or youth.
  • Live at Eleven (11:05 a.m. Eastern), during which professional touring musicians and regional musicians play live in our studios in a mix of performance and interview.

These segments are typically booked 8 to 10 weeks in advance.  Additional information is available from Jon Bindley at  jon at slbradio dot org.

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